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Championship for Clubs

October 24-25 BULGARIA, Plovdiv/Rowing Canal

(42.14147949, 24.70242691)

To FIPSED Member Nations and National Sports Fishing Federations.

Welcome, dear angler friends,

The Bulgarian Sports Fishing Federation (BFRS) is honored to be appointed as organizer by FIPSed of the 4th WORLD FEEDER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR CLUBS – 2020.

We are pleased to present our official invitation, valid for all National Federations of Sport Fishing and their Clubs.

We will certainly give our best efforts to make the 4th WORLD FEEDER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR CLUBS – 2020 in Plovdiv an exciting event, and we look forward to seeing you in Bulgaria.

  • Sincerely yours:
  • Georgi Mihaylov,
  • Chairman of the
  • Bulgarian Sports Fishing Federation
FIPSed President
General secretary
Roland MARCQ
Technical Commision President
BULGARIA, Plovdiv/Rowing Canal
(42.14147949, 24.70242691)


is the second-largest city in Bulgaria.

Administrative center of the region, situated on the two banks of the Maritsa River,southeast of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.

It is an important economic,transport, cultural, sports and educational center.

The city has historically developed on seven hills, some of which are 250 meters.


Plovdiv geographical position makes it an international transport hub.Three of the ten Pan-European corridors run into or near the city: Corridor IV (Dresden–Bucharest–Sofia-Plovdiv- Istanbul), Corridor VIII (Durrës-Sofia-Plovdiv-Varna/Burgas), and Corridor X (Salzburg–Belgrade-Plovdiv-Istanbul). The city is a major road and railway hub in southern Bulgaria with the Trakia motorway (A1) only 5 km to the north.

Plovdiv International Airport is near the village of Krumovo, 5 km southeast of the city. Plovdiv is located 145 km away from the airport of the capital Sofia by A1, 259 km away from Burgas airport by A1, and 370 km away from Varna airport.

All events associated with the 4th WORLD FEEDER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR CLUBS – 2020 (opening ceremony, captains meetings, award ceremony and closing banquet) will take place in Plovdiv.

Today, February 24th, the Bulgarian Sports Fishing Federation (BFRS) received an official letter from FIPSed. 42 teams have submitted applications for participation in the 4th WORLD FEEDER CHAMPIONSHIP FOR CLUBS – 2020.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Ukraine, Croatia will be represented by 2 teams and Georgia, Lituania, South Africa, Sweden will be represented by 1 team.

All nations and teams are welcome.

We will be glad to see you in Bulgaria.

Contacts with The Organizers
For contacts with the organizers and any questions:
English, Russian, Serbian languages
+359 888 188 116
Alexander Dermendjiev
Responsible for the organization
French, English, Russian, Serbian languages
+359 886 796 840
Stanil Yotov
Communications officer
Contact information +359 888 188 116

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